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Uncertain times provide a unique opportunity to prove that working from home really works!

Who could have imagined the world we currently find ourselves in? 2020 has ushered in times of tremendous uncertainty and unease. So many feel far removed from the routine of daily life and are struggling to find balance as working from home becomes the new “normal” for millions unfamiliar with the juggling act it requires.

But for our channel, a home-based opportunity has always been a big selling point. And, even in these troubling times, what is creating uncertainty and adversity for many has created opportunity and advantage for forward-thinking direct selling companies and the distributors that partner with them.

Why Working from Home Works

Although reporting is still anecdotal, results are encouraging. In fact, we are hearing that dozens of direct selling companies are reporting solid growth throughout the first quarter of 2020. New distributors are coming onboard and dormant distributors are becoming more engaged as service, entertainment and travel sector jobs dwindle, retail locations shutter and incomes in traditional channels plummet.

What has allowed direct sellers to grow while other industries falter? There are many factors, but technology plays a pivotal role. Of course, technology purely for technology’s sake isn’t the answer—but technology with a strategic purpose, technology that removes barriers—certainly is.

One critical tech tool is the right app. Direct selling apps should offer clarity and a clear path. They are simple, focused and effective. They eliminate clutter and confusion. And—in times like these—what could be more valuable?

Closing the Social Distance

Personal connections and in-person contact is traditionally thought of as a key component to building a strong team and healthy customer base. But the new reality ushered in by social distancing, self-isolation and quarantines has made that a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

In many ways, social media has already usurped traditional face-to-face meetings. Apps simply extend that trend, particularly as COVID-19 creates a compelling need for virtual contact.

Features and Functionality

Moreover, apps provide a built-in system designed to help distributors succeed. It manages the discussion from contact to closure. The strongest apps handle Customer Relationship Management (CRM), enabling distributors to contact prospects and send them a relevant video or email. Automated follow-ups, task reminders and scripts further “goof proof” the process to help distributors provide higher levels of personalized customer service.

Personal development and training through the app helps to immediately immerse new distributors into the corporate culture. This becomes even more important as recruitment numbers continue to rise. The resources available on apps allow new distributors to engage and get active immediately.

Apps are nothing new—practically every company has one. What every company doesn’t have is the right app. What is proving to be a true game changer is the ability to send product samples. Sampling through an app is an easy way for distributors to engage new customers and potential prospects, without personally handling the product and without leaving the safety of their home.

A Sample Solution

As the industry continues to refocus on product sales over recruitment, a sampling component for apps is increasingly vital to help drive sales and customer loyalty. Industry trends show that hero products continue to define brands—becoming synonymous with the company’s culture, philosophy and positioning. An app that allows distributors a simple, straightforward and speedy way to share samples of these defining products to prospects builds enthusiasm, belief, brand loyalty and customer retention.

“Sampling through an app is an easy way for distributors to engage new customers and potential prospects, without personally handling the product and without leaving the safety of their home.”

*You can access the entire APP Overview pdf here: file:///C:/Users/David%20Reeder/Dropbox%20(Liv%20Labs)/1_AAA_LivLabs_2022/App%20Resources/App%20Training%20pdf.pdf

The Time is NOW

Many companies get lost in a digital maze, overwhelmed by expensive, ineffective dead ends and distractions that lead only to frustration. Multifunctional apps with CRM, language and sampling capabilities alleviate confusion and save time.

What should you look for in an app that adds sampling to your arsenal?

  • Simplicity

  • Scalability

  • Speed

It’s clear that it is no longer a question of whether or not you need an app with product sampling functionality. The question is what is the cost of waiting? According to one Industry expert, “This is the future of customer acquisition. If you don’t adapt to the technology, if you don’t evolve with it…you aren’t going to survive.”

“Adding the sampling component to our app has been such a positive experience. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone considering it, it would be ‘the sooner the better.’ What are you waiting for?”


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