I‘d say it’s simple, but it’s not very simple. It’s a very complex system. And the body, the body is very complex, even on its best day. But we basically, we have receptors on multiple thousands of receptors on all sorts of receptors on ourselves. And one of those receptors, or one type of receptor is called an endocannabinoid receptor. So either a CB one or a CB two. Now there are some other ones that are lesser known, but they’re not quite as important. So I won’t even, you know, kind of cloud the, the sky with that. But these receptors have particular functions on every cell and they, they act like little locks and keys. So, when a circulating signal comes in from the body, whether it’s a visual signal, whether it’s something you breathe, whether it’s something that you ingest, when those signals get to a cell, it tells the cell a particular action to undertake.With everything we’ve got now, we’ve got immune cells that when a virus particle gets into your nose and migrates into your lungs, it sends signals. These little receptors recognize those virus particles and they send a signal, they call up, they hurry up and they call the fire department and say, Hey, we got a fire and we need some firemen and we need some fire hoses. We need water to put out the fire. So it sends a particular signal to the body. And the Endocannabinoid System is throughout every part of the body. It’s the largest self-regulating system in our, in our bodies. And it tells the brain to slow down some nerve signals. If you’re anxious, it tells the body, okay, it’s time to secrete some melatonin to help you rest. And it turns down some of the noise in your brain when you’re trying to sleep.It stimulates immune cells like the white blood cells, T killer cells, natural killer cells, T helper cells, all these complex cell mediated immune systems to be on guard, to turn on to make more, et cetera. And so this Endocannabinoid System, you can find it in your brain, you can find it in your spleen where the immune system is on white blood cells. You can find it in your digestive tract, your lungs, your heart, et cetera. It’s all over the place and all it is in its simplicity. It’s just a way that the body can message other cells in the body to do a specific function, to turn on, to turn off, to make certain proteins, to shut down certain proteins, to stimulate nerve firing, to modulate, nerve firing. All those things are, are part of the ECS and it’s a very young system from with regard to research.They didn’t really understand it until they figured out about it in the 1990s and it’s a very new area of research for, for physiologists, for PhDs, for science, for medicine. And with that, we’re still discovering amazing and new functions of this ECS. One of the things that I would really recommend people understand is that when you take a CBD product, like what we have, it tells the body and it signals the body that, Hey, we really want to make more of our natural endocannabinoids. And it kind of blocks the receptor. Again, the lock and key. It blocks the receptor that causes a breakdown of our natural endocannabinoid molecules This tells your body that, Hey, we want to make more of our natural endocannabinoids.So by taking this wonderful plant product, we can actually decrease the breakdown of our natural molecules and then benefit from all those wonderful effects. And someone would, you know, someone smart is going to say, well, why do we need, if it’s self regulating, why do we need to take extra? Well, the problem is, is that because of all the other things in our life, our stress, 24 hour news cycles, um, toxins that we ingest, we inhale that we absorbed through our skin, all those break down certain things in our body that cause the shift from making our natural endocannabinoids into making a kind of a repair molecule, cortisol, a stress hormone that gets thrown out of balance. So even though it’s a balancing system, it to itself can get thrown out of balance. So that’s why it’s so important that we do one of two things. If you live in a perfect world where you have no stressors then you don’t need CBD, or if you need to live and breathe and walk on this planet you do need CBD. So that’s what, that’s what the ECS system is in a nutshell.