5 Great Habits for Healthy Aging!

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5 Great Habits for Healthy Aging!

“If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

Billy Noonan, Journalist

Have you ever wondered what you can do to slow down or maybe even reverse the ravages of aging? Growing older is inevitable but we can develop habits that help control how well we age.

Aging is defined as the progressive inability to respond to stress, stimuli,emotion and injury. Our cells are listening to our thoughts and responding to what we eat, how we move, who we spend time with and our attitude. When our cells are bombarded with negative input, they experience oxidative stress which accelerates the aging process.

Look around you, have you ever wondered why two people of the same age can seem so different? Look at their posture, skin stone, agility, and mental sharpness. One person looks older than their age and experiences chronic issues while the other looks healthier, younger, and more vibrant. One explanation could be genetics but a broader explanation can point to other factors such as a more proactive attitude & awareness towards getting older

Here are 5 Great Pro-active habits that can encourage Healthy Aging:

1. How do you handle stress? While stress is unavoidable, your response to stress is controllable. Recognize & reduce the stress triggers in your life and if possible,work to avoid or minimize them, i.e. turn off the news, avoid the gossipy neighbor and resist the urge to “micro-manage” things outside of your control.

Identify the real reason you are stressed and examine how it makes you feel.When you feel your jaw tightening and your temple buzzing, breathe deeply and take a dropper of your favorite Liv Labs tincture. Premium CBD can help ease or turn down your autonomic nervous system which is responsible for your anxiousness.

2.Start MOVING…We are either getting stronger or weaker every day. In fact,we lose 3-8% of our muscle mass every decade after the age of 30. Find a way to incorporate daily movement! Try yoga, brisk walks, sports, weight training, dance,bicycling or taking the stairs each day for great ways to maintain muscle mass, improve breathing and cardiovascular health. For extra stress relief, take your exercise outdoors! Studies show that that people who exercise outdoors feel more energy and less tension.

If you “overdo” it some days, reach for our Liv Labs Hemp balm to reduce the soreness!

3.STOP the Diet Madness and focus on eating foods that are good for your body type.Each person’s diet is highly personal but always be aware of the sneaky foods that increase inflammation, insulin resistance and oxidative stress. Foods that are high in added sugar and refined carbs can contribute to the issues just mentioned as well as digestive problems.

Making good choices doesn’t have to be boring, in fact it can open a whole new world of menu items that are delicious and healthy! Choose foods rich in Omega fatty acids, pro-biotic rich foods (pickles!), leafy greens, nuts, exotic spices and more!

For help with balancing glucose levels and better digestion, take 1-2 BALANCE BCC and add DURT BLACK to your daily ritual

4. Value your sleep! Lack of sound sleep means more than being tired the next day.Our sleep needs to be restful and restorative. Your body & mind can experience many negative side effects from lack of sleep.

Take time to wind down before going to bed. Try a warm bath or shower for relaxation, practice deep breathing, read a relaxing book, speak positive affirmations,listen to calming music and most importantly turn off the electronics!

For help relaxing, try our Ashwagandha & Hemp Gummies with added CBG & L-Theanine.

5.Surround Yourself with Positive People! Strong social connections are closely linked to longevity and health. Join in with people who have a zest for life, enjoy new things, are supportive and have a sense of humor! Include people of all ages and backgrounds to challenge you and keep you fresh!
Join our Facebook group: Liv Labs Naturally to meet new people with a desire to live a healthier lifestyle!

Just a quick reminder, aging is a very important part of life! It brings adventure,wisdom, incredible memories, and learning!! Incorporate the habits above to encourage a healthier, longer life!

“It’s simple really: Getting older. It happens. Other people call it growing older,but I call it growing up.”

Helen Mirren

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